Seriously, I was looking at the past 4- 5 events, I presented and or attended. The cool people I met and have stayed in touch with are the ones I sold the PersonalCameraCrew or the FlashBadge to. Coincidence? No. I guess, if you are excited about something, your personality is put on the stage. Even though cool gadgets are currently less than 1% of my business they are total friend-makers. I see it as wearing “Show and Tell’s”. It’s a lot of fun. Plus others are inspired to share their new gadget toys. I think my sales skills are mediocre, but I am finding, I am scoring lots of compliments on my sharing that inspires a sale.

If I need a friend, I will wear my FlashBadge. Problem solved. It’s magic. Really. After you try it, you will be sold.

I found friend-makers. Need a friend?

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