Interview with Attention Expert, Neen James

What is Neen known for? Obsessed with helping leaders get more done and be ah-mazing, collector of fabulous shoes and lover of champagne.
Why is it important to Neen to invest in other women? Because we need to create the future we want. Women help other women. It’s a universal law. The more we help women around us, the more they will help others and we showcase and role model this to every generation. We have more impact and influence on the world when we help other women.

She is a leadership expert focused in the areas of attention and productivity. A little Aussie with a lot of sass, Neen is obsessed with helping leaders profit from paying attention so they can create more significant moments in life that matter!

With a strong corporate background in development and managing large teams throughout several industries, Neen is the perfect fit for organizations who want implementable strategies to increase focus, accelerate sales and help their people get more done.

She also provides one-on-one leadership coaching and mentoring, and her clients will tell you they love working with her 90-day accouNeen Jamesntability plans.

Fun Facts About Neen:

  • She sounds like she’s been inhaling helium when she speaks
  • She is 4 ft 10 but don’t let that little statue fool you
  • Relocated from Sydney, Australia to the U.S and recently became an American citizen!
  • Spent 12 years in corporate business in Australia, in industries including banking, telecommunications and oil (and she loved it)
  • Has spoken all over Australia, Asia and the U.S. for some of the coolest clients
  • Has an MBA in marketing from Southern Cross University
  • Is a partner in the international company, Thought Leaders Global
  • Has been happily married for over 26 years (yes, it’s legal to get married at 10 in Australia in case you were wondering!)
  • Loves shoes and claims she only works to support a shoe habit!

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Interview with Neen James

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