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Howdy, participants and viewers.  Thanks for watching my presentation on Asian Inclusivity for Corporations. Aren’t Asians All Alike? What you don’t know could cost you?

I appreciate you taking the time to learn about how to be Asian inclusive. I would appreciate your feedback, so I can be as effective as possible. With your feedback, I can adjust accordingly to make this introduction video presentation a video you can share with your organizations, so we can make a difference. The questions are primarily multiple choice and scale questions. The 18 questions should take more than 10 minutes tops.

If you are new here, I invite you to watch this presentation, take notes and give me your feedback. Certainly, I would appreciate written feedback emailed to

How did you find out about this presentation?
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Do you see the financial opportunity to sell to the underserved Asian American market?
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Do you agree that Asians can also feel unsafe in White Collar workplaces?
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Knowing the history of Asian immigration and bias is important for understanding Asian Americans
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After watching the 1 minute video of acts of violence acts against Asians, I thought:
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The presentation was well-organized and was easy to follow
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For an introductory program, this length of this presentation was
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What would you like to learn more about?
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I recommend this program:
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Did you know that: Check the box for "yes" to all that apply
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Does it make sense that in order to attract Asian Customers it is important to have some Asian employees?
11 votes · 11 answers

Have you heard of the Anti-Asian legislation? Put a check by the ones had heard of
9 votes · 22 answers

What was your prior knowledge about #StopAsianHate before knowing Jolene and/or watching "Aren't Asians All Alike?" Introductory program? Check box to all that apply
7 votes · 13 answers

Choose 4 Elements that are the most important to know
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Jolene’s personal stories helped me understand
8 votes · 8 answers

The program had too much historical information for an introductory program
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I am motivated to learn more about Asian cultures
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I want my workplace to be Asian Inclusive
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I recommend this program:
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