You might wonder, what is the impact on Asians? You can listen to Jolene share her experience speaking up and struggles of getting support from her large network. It is complicated situation that requires the other 94% of non-Asians to step up.


This compilation of videos and articles will serve as a course in anti-Asian hate education. Each learning module contains lessons to guide you through the main components of #StopAsianHate. You will hear from many Asian Americans. What is anti-Asian hate and why is it happening?  How come it doesn’t make the mainstream news? What can I do?


This library of Asian American related content is categorized and searchable. Look for what you are interested in. Racism is across industries. No doubt you can find anti-Asian hate in all industries and groups.articles


The majority of the non-Asian population does not to know the scope of anti-Asian hate and daily prevalence across the nation, not just in Chinatowns in NYC and San Francisco. However, there are Asian American journalist that report on anti-Asian hate. You can see the violent attacks which do make a few of Asian American news sites.

—Trigger Warning—

Timeline of Attacks