Possibly the most prolific, most acting credits of all American Actors of all time alive and dead

With more than 700 film and television credits, he is one of the most prolific actors of all time. Any credits over 450 put you in the top 5 stars of all time.

What did James Hong do before becoming an actor?

He studied civil engineering and became a road engineer.

As an Asian American did he get bullied?

Yes, like many Asian Americans who are the only one who looks different, he was bullied and beat up.

Did you know…

James Hong served in the United States Army with the Special Services. After finishing his training for the day, he would entertain soldiers during the Korean War.

Think about this, what if he was in the frontlines as an Asian?

Hong reflected on this experience and how it may have saved his life:

“I do not know if I would have liked to go to war in Korea but let’s admit it that with a G.I. cap and this face charging at the Korean army, the Koreans would try to kill me. But then if we were to retreat and I turned around and ran back the Americans would try to kill me too because they had think I am an enemy in disguise. I definitely think I would have been shot from one side and the other.” [Reference]

How many of your roles were not Asian stereotypes?

Out of over 500 roles, he had 10 roles were Non-Asian, not stereotypes. Can you imagine playing opposite a White actor in Yellow Face, putting on a face Asian accent?

There are links to learn more about him. His personality is glowing, charismatic, energetic and so empowering. Please share.

Here are James Hong’s most recent movies and shows from 2021 and 2022

James Hong – Actor