Listen to these podcasts with Jolene as she explains why she dedicates her time to #StopAsianHate

For those who know Jolene Jang as the Fun Specialist, Conference Reporter and Culture Explorer, being a social justice advocate seems like 180 degrees from fun. That is true, but someone’s got to do it.

True, it is not fun. This is Jolene. I prefer goofy, giggles and games, but Asian Americans are being attacked meanwhile no one even knows how often this is happening. The general public has no idea the impact of the spectrum of hate hurled at Asian Americans. I share my perspective on day 20 and 94 of the fight against anti-Asian hate.

Learning to speak out can save a life!

John Barrett and I took a hard look at the unheralded violence in America and discuss STOP ASIAN HATE CRIMES.

Listen to podcast 38 minutes DAY 20 IN THE FIGHT

Part 1
Part 2

Collecting Confidence – John Barrett – Instagram

Representation Matters! Stop Asian Hate!

Joey Krikorian, host of the Star Wars Podcast Krypton To Alderaan we discuss the importance of Asian American representation in pop culture and media.



Asians, Unfiltered – Authentic voices, Empowering choices.

This podcast informs and empowers listeners to examine and change their behavior through witnessing the Asian American experience, highlighting relevant current events, modeling ally supportive efforts and connecting Asian Americans and allies to create and strengthen our communities.

Each week, Culture Explorer and grassroots activist Jolene Jang educates non-Asians about the challenges everyday Asian-Americans face as they deal with the rising tide of anti-Asian sentiment in this area and the country at large. Her goal is to stop Asian hate by amplifying unheard and unfiltered stories about your Asian neighbors, which will help expand everyone’s cultural awareness. She seeks to inspire non-Asians to become allies and empower them to enact change. Since only six percent of the U.S. population is Asian, and only half of that number speak English, overcoming racism through Asian efforts alone is an impossible task. We must have the help of non-Asians allies to change behavior which will benefit everyone.