I just am surprised of all the unhappy I see. Apparently, I have been living in a bubble.

I feel lucky to know funny people who are a joy to be around, but somehow they are caged and trapped in a situation whether it be a financial, relationship or other challenge. One of the problems is they don’t believe they deserve to be happy. Argh. We all deserve to be happy.  So they ended serving others and not themselves.

Some don’t believe they can dig out of the cave.

We all deserve to be happy. If you are not happy, make a change. If you can’t achieve happiness in the way you want to, then change course.

I ran into an old acquaintance of my parents from 15 years ago. I had seen him in passing a few years. If I see him, he is always witty fun to interact with. At the gym where I had hoped to burn off more than 75% of a piece of chocolate, didn’t happen, I ran into him. Once again, he is cheery, but after 2 hours of the download, I discovered he had plans to exit this life. Recently, he had cancer removed and needs to go the doctor to get more removed. Unfortunately, he can’t afford to go to the doctor and his operation is overdue by three months. The last few weeks he noticed his stamina decreasing and wonders if the cancer is taking over. His son is not talking to him, which brought him joy just to chat with him a couple times a year. He wonders if it be easier to exit quietly.

Ayyyaayaya. I am finding that so many wonderful, accomplished people are stuck in ruts. Is there a system to help them quicker? It doesn’t take much from others to make someone else’s day or week, but I wish I could be in more places at one time. What is sustainable to give people belief?

I feel like I gave him a big dose of happy, confidence and concrete examples of his positive qualities and was able to point out other perspectives and his contributions to the world. However, how long will that last? I got his number and strongly encouraged him to call the doctor and insurance company to negotiate.

I encourage you all to ask for your help you need it. So many of my friends, like me, don’t ask for help because we are all alphas, but sometimes its necessary. Plus, don’t we all like to help. Most of the time, people don’t ask me to help because I am so busy, but I am pleased to help if I can.

I am constantly surprised with the lack of self confidence of such quality people. One of my abundances is confidence, no shortage there in most cases. I think if we can try a smidge more to give a little more attention to people whether it be at grocery store, library, co-workers or your friends. We don’t know who is lacking attention.

My pledge is to take the time to help people who are in a dark place. We don’t know how down they are, so let’s not take any chances. A little positive attention goes a long way.

Looking for the “get out of a rut wand”

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