It’s easy to see the value of the Conference Reporter giving the sponsors and vendors by increasing their visibility and how this helps pays for the event. The third beneficiary are the registrants.


We make it interesting for your attendees

  • Create buzz and intrigue
  • Give a voice to your attendees
  • Generate hallway excitement


We capture and distribute info effectively

Conventions are like a smorgasbord of information. Attendees don’t have the time or capacity to be everywhere, meet everyone and consume everything. The Conference Reporter is sampling and giving them bite size information that’s quick and easy to digest.


We activate your Convention Community

We will also improve your participant engagement both live and online. Your participants are a huge potential source of word of mouth marketing. They have all the tools to do share across digital mediums. When they are featured in a video, you bet they will share it with their networks.

Make your convention attendees happy

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