Observe how this mass shootings are covered when the victims are Asian. There is no mention of race, except for the shooter.

Why is it important to learn about Asian American culture and to listen to Asian Americans? Because of violent attacks like this.

I am glad to hear that the Buffalo Mass Shooting of Black People is called out racially motivated. It seems like when there are Black Victims is named as racially motivated. When the victims are Asian, it is called random.

Have you ever heard a mention about the victims in the Sunset, Brooklyn area on the subway? 10 people were shot, and 29 are injured. The videos and pictures show many Asians.

The authorities are baffled why a shooter would go to this station in Sunset, Brooklyn and shoot up people. They make it seem like it was a random, yet well-planned.

As an Asian American who sees Asians in America attacked every single day and has heard of at least 30 NYC subway violent crimes against Asians, this is not a surprise to me.

The first thing, I wonder is “are the victims” Asian?

The news as of yet, has made NO mention of race. Sunset Park is home to Brooklyn’s largest Asian population. I saw just one where this Asian reporter mentioned that the area is Hispanic and Asian.

This community is 81% Asian and Latinx.

The racial makeup of the neighborhood

  • 35.2% (44,538) Asian
  • 46.4% (58,654) Hispanic or Latino
  • 14.5% (18,321) White,
  • 2.3% (2,908) African American
  • 0.2% (195) Native American
  • 0% (32) Pacific Islander

The videos and pictures show many Asians. It is interesting to watch. I wonder if they will make the connection?

We must educate people on Asian American Culture.

Here is one of the news stories about the Sunset Park subway shooting.


Observe how this mass shooting is covered. There is no mention of race, except for the shooter.

I would like to share with you how the mass shootings in New York and Brooklyn in the

subways are being covered.

I’m not going to say it’s funny because it is not funny.

It is unusual to me to see all the authorities saying it was just out of nowhere that it was a terrorist.

They were saying “We’re going to look at all social media and different countries to see how this was orchestrated by this one person. Because there’s no motive at all.”

For me when I hear there’s a mass shooting, I’m like “Oh, are they Asian? There’s your motive.”

The good news is that this shooting is being covered as if it were white people being shot.

I think that’s really good. There’s a lot of coverage on it. It is live in all the big channels because

if they’re Asians who are shot it’s usually not covered.

So that’s good

But it’s just I don’t like that are there any Asians among the authorities to say “Well, this is the biggest population of Asians in Brooklyn.

Could that have anything to do with it being that Asians are in in the subway?

Asians are being hurt at least every week. There have been so many incidents in the subways not just the ones that the mainstream ones.

If you go to jolenejang.com there is the timeline of attacks that happen to Asians in the subways,

including a police officer who was undercover.

It happens so often so when I hear that there’s a shooting in the subway, I am likely they are Asians.

Just the way that the media is covering the events I notice that they don’t mention any Asians whatsoever.

They’re just say that they don’t know why.

It’s just so random. I can’t believe it.

Nobody wants to ride the subway now. From my perspective it’s you don’t want to be around Asians. That’s probably because you fear getting shot by mistake. When they’re trying to attack the Asian, you might be in the crossfire.

Looking at the Sunset Park area of Brooklyn, you find the largest Asian population. The demographics are 14% White, 2 % Black, 35% Asian, and 46% Hispanic.

When they’re talking about schools it’s just an ordinary suburb.

It’s a little diverse but they’re missing the boat. They never mention any Asians. 50 Cent was there and uploaded a picture on Twitter about it. He showed five Asians on the ground and nearby. In the news footage you do see Asians.

There’s your motive!

How do you not get this!

There are 29 people who have been injured. It started out with 10 people shot and six people injured. But there were people who are trampled on as well, so the count is up to 29.

I wonder if they start to share some of the victims’ names or ethnicity, or report “This is mostly Asian and Hispanic.” I wonder when someone will put two and two together.

I think there’s wasted resources looking internationally and having people look at cybercrimes around the nation. You are giving this guy a lot of credit.

It’s frustrating. If authorities and people in general had education around Asian Americans being people too. But nobody listens to us. We are experiencing hate. We have things to say but nobody’s paying attention. Education needs to happen at all levels. I think at the lower tiers it’s tough. People don’t have as much access to education so I shouldn’t blame them, but I do a little.

Another problem is when the news media releases the picture of a Black man who’s the shooter. Automatically, all Black males who are five foot five inches are going to be seen as shooters. Now, people are not familiar with Black people are going to think,

“Oh, you’re a Black person. Are you going to shoot us too?”

There’s an opportunity for people to learn about other perspectives but it is not happening, which is frustrating.

I’ve been talking here a about how Asians are being treated but people aren’t listening. I would ask you to see how these events are covered.

I wonder when reporters or police do state the ethnicity if an Asian if they could openly ask if it is a hate crime. Maybe they could say, “I was putting two and two together. This is mostly an Asian community, or the victims were mostly Asian.”

But will it still get the coverage or will publications be like, “Oh Asians in this Asian area. We don’t care anymore.”

I will continue watching but it is a little frustrating.

Please, please, educate yourself. I have many free resources at  joelenejang.com so you can learn

and share with others about what is going on.