True. I think the last time I was at the ballet was maybe 7th grade?

Ballet and opera I feared would be an expensive nap. I know my attention span is short, so I have not bothered to go to either. My friend invited me, so I thought I would give it a go.   Yeah! I didn’t fall asleep and I enjoyed the difference of this type of spectatorship.

Did you know you can have a booster seat for adults? Yup, I was as tall as my 6 foot tall friend. Our 7th row seat converted into a front row view with the big cushion. How fun!

My observations

  • It’s a leap for me to understand the story behind the dancing. For example they did a Romeo and Juliet vignette, but had it not been titled this in the program, I might have guessed it was a scene about kite flying or how swiss cheese holes came to be.
  • I don’t like males tights, unless it they are wicked cool designed tights as part of a costume. The dancer in the Romeo scene wore nude colored tights. Each timed he turned around, he mooned us. I was wondering if anyone else giggled.
  • One of the leads was Asian. Yeah, good job fella. However, I was bummed that he did not show his excitement for the performance. He intensely concentrated, but did not show glee like they other dancers. The facial expression means a lot to me. How lovely it is to see people enjoy what they are doing.
  • Out of all of the types of dancing, ballet has to be the most unsexy. Sexy to me is not skinny guys in tights and super rail girls binded into rigid corsets moving in structured yet fluid fashion. I think its a lack of hip movement or too much great posture, and lack of slouch. I certainly didn’t think ballet would be sexy, but as I watched with both eyes open, the performances shouted “unsexy.”

Action Items

  • Seeing all the bling, I am ready to bust out all of my pageantry jewelry, tiara and everything blinged out. I will fish around to find my petticoats and get more circular skirts so i can twirl.
  • The posture of the these ballerinas is “insane in the membrane.” I am a little inspired to take 10 minutes a day of no slouching.
  • With the lack of the expression from the Asian lead, I am reminded to be more expressive.

Overall, yeah, interesting. I would not pay for it, but I would be a pleasant, appreciative guest of free tickets.

By  the way, I just met my first ballerino. Did you know there was such a name?



My 1st Ballet outside of the Nutcracker

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