Thanksgiving was smooth sailing at the airport. On the plane, airbus equipped us with cool features. The seat in front us my held a coat nob, which I held my electronics bag, cup holder separate from the tracy, so your computer doesn’t have to compete for real estate, and a little area, for something else, ooh the mystery and excitement. What is your guess? Beef Bourgogne was our lovely meal.

After working, I rewarded myself with a French movie called,”Disco”. It is so important to laugh and that did the trick.

After a 10 hour plane trip, it’s nice to stretch your legs, but we did not expect a 2.5 mile walk. However, it was more like a gallery walk. The moving sidewalks took us up through palm trees, uplighting illuminated the tall, metal walls and fun textured ceiling. Metal, glass, and wood and simplicity was the theme of this airport.


The escalators were triggered by sensors, but if you didn’t know then you would think it was broken. However, I heard many of these escalators are broken and tend to remain that way.

The garbages are frames with a clear bag, which I thought was cool, because they use limited material for garbage cans. It is less labor for the garbage collectors too.

What do you think these are?


On the train ride into Paris, the houses are all different, unlike you would see in the states.  Some of the houses instead of long and narrow were shallow and wide. The siding of each house had different rocks, making opps for great pictures.

We arrived at airport, then got to my sisters house in Gentilly, in less than 3 hours. I sunk into the couch and laid low. My sister and my niece and nephew took a stroll into Galleria Lafayette, a fancy department store. The window displays were clever, cute and fun to watch. Would you expect to go to a rooftop on top of Macy’s and see the whole city, Opera House, eifell tower, etc, not bad.

Check out these cute displays in next blog.

Besides this jaunt into town, it was sleepy time for Vinh and I. I got 16 hours of sleep. The next day 12 hours and cat naps at exhibits and train rides. For us, we work such long hours (haven’t mastered the 4 hour work week quite yet) that we don’t get any sleep before the trip, so sleep deprivation and jet lag combine, yikes.

Off to France -1st day

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