Uniting Our Stories

Just like the process of fermenting kombucha builds up pressure until it eventually erupts, people can also bottle up their emotions and eventually reach a breaking point. It’s important to release that pressure by sharing our stories and expressing ourselves in a healthy way before we reach a boiling point. So let’s take a cue from the kombucha and let it out before we explode! Share your story.

Meetings Today Podcast

Host Tyler Davidson interviews John Reyes from Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau in this insightful and inspiring episode.

🌺 Honoring the Spirit of Aloha 🌺

Reyes shares how Hawai’i’s tourism community has united to honor the true spirit of aloha and convey the importance of visitors giving back to a culture that has given so much in welcoming them.

🌟 Embedding Cultural Education into Tourism 🌟

Meet Hawai‘i is not just living their culture but embedding cultural education into tourism, going beyond the typical tours. Learn about their “culture specialists” and the pono pledge.

💡 Gaining Valuable Insights and Ideas 💡

Hawaiians are leading the way in preserving their land and culture. We on the mainland can follow their model and show respect for the many people in our communities who are excluded. By listening to this episode, we can gain valuable insights and ideas for implementing meaningful change within our own industry.

Here is an excellent companion article balancing Hawaiian culture, while still welcoming tourists. https://www.meetingstoday.com/articles/143820/hawaiian-industry-professionals-discuss-mindful-respectful-travel

Tongan from Hawaii, living in Seattle - American Idol