After cleaning out the garage, guess what I found? Big contraptions we used to call “ghetto blasters.” Do you believe we called them this without even thinking about it’s name?  I can’t believe these devices are huge. Two foot by ten inches by ten inches were our “portable music solutions.”  With one cd player/tape deck/radio and one tape deck this takes up massive square feet. The storage needed to play sound is unheard of  for the level of decibels it produces.

Along with the large portable sound that needs six “D” batteries, I through out an old disc man belt holder. Today, we have a mp3 players that are ounces and 3 inches by 1 inch by 1/2 inch.

I still can’t figure out that while everything is reducing in size by 100-1000% that I still have so many things and have run out of space. Argh.

Recently, I have been listening to the future of technology. It’s am amazed by far we have come so far we have come.  Run these videos when you are doing the dishes. It’s so sci-fi.

Portable sound has changed

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