Aren’t Asians All Like:
The Misunderstood Americans

What are your perceptions of Asians?  Are they accurate?  Discover how your perceptions of Asians are shaped by stereotypes, depiction in popular culture and the labels used to describe Asians. We will unpack the Asian category and illuminate the vast spectrum of Americans of Asian descent that are lumped together. We will conclude with learning about the contributions to our culture by Asian Americans.

Asian Mental Health: Bending Not Broken

At 3pm Gina Wong and @gina_.ko will talk about Asian Mental Health: Bending Not Broken. As Asian Women and Psychologists, they will share stories of our upbringing, statistics of anti-Asian racism, mental health impacts of racism and our social justice work to make a difference. @asiangoldribbon

Wednesday, May 11, 2pm PDT

Lea Tran & Sara Im, Asian authors interview Jolene

We are delighted to have our special guest Jolene Jang, Speaker, and Justice Activist, to help celebrate AAPI Heritage Month!

Jolene has been actively promoting and educating why a diverse and inclusive workplace is a necessity. She advocates against Asian hate and how to amplify Asian voices, to build safer, more inclusive communities. She fought and inspired others to get a law passed and succeeded in all 50 states.

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Thursday, May 12, 3pm PDT, 5pm ET

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