As Sinatra said, “It was a very good year”.  All of the facets of my life are starting to find their home and to weave into a nice fabric instead of individual strands, fraying out in different directions.  My path is clear with a targeted destination in sight. Since I haven’t done newsletters  (in the last 10 years) this is probably the closest I will get.  I encourage you all to summarize your years. It’s a fun, nostalgic exercise.

Personal Life

By the way, pretty much everything is documented for Show and Tell, even the process of the permanent eyeliner.  For now, my personal blog is here Personal Camera Crew Stick, since I use my camera gadget tool to document.


  • Rebranded from the Fun Specialist to the Meeting Maximizer
  • Sent out my best Chinese New Year Gift/Card Ever for Year of the Tiger. Tiger Hats to sell too
  • Began a consulting business Return On Image – helping sole proprietors create strong brand radiating through every aspect of their business.
  • Began marketing products useful to my audiences like the Personal Camera Crew Stick.
  • Created a slew of video subscription resources for small businesses, specifically speakers , entertainers and event industry companies.  They will be launched in 2010 at the lovely age of 36.
  • Celebrated my 13th year in business
  • Built a green screen studio
  • Built a photo studio
  • Producing videos like “video signatures”, interviews, greenscreen walk-ons and demo videos.
  • Began blogging about ineffective meetings
  • Began blogging about bad marketing
  • Acquiring Vinh’s Technology skills
  • Developed a craving for online efficiency tools
  • Learned how to pack efficiently in a carry on for a couple of weeks while presenting. I will share resources to professional women who travel.
  • Continued as the 2nd Term President of the National Speakers Association – Washington State Chapter
  • Became involved at NSA National Level with various projects like First Timers Orientation and Speakers’ Corner.
  • Created a fun non-traditional networking event called No Bull Soiree at the Columbia Tower Club

Home Life

  • Built a porch
  • Painted the entire exterior of the house
  • Reorganized the office to  “L” shape
  • Graduated from the Seattle Citizens Police Academy
  • Began the Lynnwood Police Academy

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See you online and how about in person?

Reminiscing about the 35th year of life

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