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Feeling the pressure from your boss to do more with less, while also navigating diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and belonging initiatives can be stressful. However, creating a culture where employees feel seen, heard, and validated can positively impact work performance and job loyalty.

In this context, we’ll focus on the Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander communities, which are often left out of diversity conversations. By learning about different cultures and hearing people’s lived experiences, you can actively practice and promote Asian inclusivity. This can reduce stress by attracting and retaining Asian American talent and clients. The principles learned from our training can also be applied to creating inclusive cultures for all marginalized groups.

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Inclusion is the Future: Revamp your training approach with fresh faces, inclusive language, and diverse representation

Join our gamified session and learn how to integrate diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and belonging (DEIAB) into your training curriculum. As a trainer or curriculum designer, you have the power to model inclusion by seamlessly weaving them into your marketing and training efforts. Our session offers actionable techniques to revamp your training approach to create a more inclusive corporate landscape.

In this electrifying session, you’ll discover how to:

  •   Incorporate diverse imagery in your meeting materials that represents a variety of cultures, genders, and abilities.
  •   Use inclusive language by removing toxic language and using inclusive words instead.
  •   Respect individuals by using non-anglicized names and proper pronunciation.
  •   Apply accessible design elements to promote inclusivity.

We’ll show you how to strategically integrate messaging, imagery, and design that reflect cultural inclusion and accessibility. The best part? You’ll get to practice these techniques in real-time through interactive activities. By taking these concrete steps, you can design a training curriculum that not only teaches valuable skills but also fosters a sense of belonging and an inclusive environment for all employees, regardless of their background. Join us and learn how to model inclusion in your training curriculum, and be part of the change towards a more inclusive and respectful workplace, an ever-evolving corporate landscape demands it!

If you don’t appeal to Asian Americans, what is it costing your company?

As a  leader and/or DEI Professional, are you struggling to attract and retain qualified employees? Are your sales numbers not where you want them to be? Do you need new customers to grow your business? If so, it’s time to pay attention to the Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) market.

Did you know that Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are the fastest growing ethnic population in the U.S.? They also have the fastest growing purchasing power and the highest median income of all Americans. Ignoring this market means missing out on a significant business opportunity.

In this session, you will learn how to tap into the AANHPI market and build stronger teams and client bases through diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives.

  •   Gain insights into Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander cultures to better understand and engage with these communities.
  •   Hear current AANHPI lived experiences to be able to better understand their journey
  •   Discover strategies to honor and validate people from diverse backgrounds, and how to promote inclusion throughout your company.

Aren’t Asians All Alike? The Forgotten Americans

Discover Asian American culture, challenges, and strategies for inclusivity and allyship in this gamified program. Did you know that 42% of Americans can’t name a single prominent Asian American? Despite Washington’s 4th largest Asian American population, locals struggle to name Asian Americans too. Learn how this will impact you as a non-Asian, and the people around you? You can be an ally.

  •   Gain insights into perceptions shaped by stereotypes and pop culture, and develop a realistic understanding of Asian American perspectives.
  •   Unpack the harmful effects of yellow face, whitewashing, and the model minority myth in Hollywood and beyond, and understand their impact on Asians in America.
  •   Explore microaggressions and challenges of assimilation faced by Asian Americans, and develop cultural competency
  •   Acquire practical strategies for addressing discrimination, safety concerns, and allyship

Build cultural competence, debunk harmful stereotypes, and support an inclusive community. Be the ally the Asian American community needs through this eye-opening program.

Aren’t Asians All Alike: The Forgotten Americans

Maximize event potential by learning about the fastest growing demographic in the US

This program will delve into Asian American culture, challenges faced by the community, and practical strategies for creating more inclusive events. However, it will be GAMIFIED! Prepare not only to listen intently, taking veracious notes, but to be ready for verbal exchanges around the table.

  •   Develop cultural competency and sensitivity in planning events that cater to Asian American attendees, improving attendee satisfaction and creating a more inclusive experience.
  •   Gain practical strategies for addressing issues of discrimination and safety concerns, enhancing the safety and security of your events.
  •   Diversify your event offerings by incorporating a wider range of cultural experiences and activations, making your events stand out and appeal to a broader audience.
  •   Enhance your reputation as an inclusive and culturally-aware event planner, attracting new clients and partnerships.

Join our session and learn how to design events that promote diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and belonging (DEIAB), with a specific focus on Asian American representation. Discover how to incorporate diverse representation, inclusive language,  to create events that foster a sense of belonging for all attendees, including Asian Americans.

Building an Inclusive Culture

Have you as an attendee ever felt not welcome? Felt like an outsider because no one talked to you. No one looks like you.  With ever-increasing global and diverse audiences that bring different backgrounds and perspectives, how will your employees feel like they belong?

The success of our department will be influenced by inclusion and engagement. Meeting and event designers, facilities, and ancillary services help participants achieve the desired professional development, business and networking objectives by creating the most welcoming and inclusive meetings and events.

Join us to better understand how to create more inclusive culture.

  •   Get to know the individuals on your team
  •   Learn about more considerations that never crossed your mind
  •   Create program elements, select speakers, and create marketing designed to attract, engage, and reflect diverse audiences
  •   Create strategy and focus to ensure people are and feel welcome from the first marketing during pre-event, during event and post event