Celebrate AANHPI throughout your network

It’s important. We need normalize seeing, talking about AANHPI because there is such a lack of representation. Let’s do what we can. Live by example and share what are doing.

Check back to find more ways to celebrate and increase awareness for aanhpi’s

You can start with this list:

  • Add Asian Americans to your networks, LI, Twitter, FB, IG – add 10 new connections
  • Ask the schools what they are doing to celebrate
  • Ask your workplace
  • Highlight AANHPI companies
  • Broaden your reading list, buy books
  • Watching Asian American Netflix

Are you ready to take action?

Thank you for being here. We need you. If you are new to social justice, allyship or just learning about anti-Asian hate we will support and guide you.

Join Asian Allies

The more you know, the more you will learn that you can make a big impact on you and other’s lives. You can brainstorm with others ways to share perspectives with people who have limited experience and knowledge of other people. We are working on educational materials to combat misinformation.

Give what you can, even 1 minute daily is appreciated

Unfortunately, there is minimal effort to support Asian Americans. This means that a tiny effort on your part can make a big impact. In fact if you are in White a little bitty act can move mountains. Just imagine if there were 10 other people who took the same action? Together, we can make progress in our community.

Small Actions you can take to make a difference. Check ones you have done in the last 7 days

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Each week

I share with non-Asians, the challenges Asian-Americans face in an environment with increasing levels of bias and hate.

The goal is to stop Asian hate by amplifying unheard and unfiltered stories about your Asian neighbors, which will help expand everyone’s cultural awareness, including my own.

Since only six percent of the U.S. population is Asian, and only half of that number speak English, overcoming racism through Asian efforts alone is an impossible task. We need the help of non-Asians to influence behavior which will benefit everyone. I hope to inspire non-Asians to become allies and empower them to enact change

When you hear these raw personal stories from every day Asians Americans I believe you will be compelled to learn more and to act to help solve the problem.

A small, but mighty, growing community is listening, learning and taking action to inform our networks of the problem and to speak up. You can join us.