Celebrate AANHPI throughout your network

It’s important. We need normalize seeing, talking about AANHPI because there is such a lack of representation. Let’s do what we can. Live by example and share what are doing.

Check back to find more ways to celebrate and increase awareness for aanhpi’s

You can start with this list:

  • Add Asian Americans to your networks, LI, Twitter, FB, IG – add 10 new connections
  • Ask the schools what they are doing to celebrate
  • Ask your workplace
  • Highlight AANHPI companies
  • Broaden your reading list, buy books
  • Watching Asian American Netflix

Asians code switch too

If you have reached out to your Asian Employees for a “check-In” to see how are they are doing because of the 11K recorded incidents of Anti-Asian hate. Thank you. There is very good chance, more likely than not, that they have not expressed to you how they really feel.  They are many reasons for not sharing with others, particularly who are not Asian. Jolene addresses this, so you can begin to understand what Asians are experiencing now and how that impacts them.

Being a target is not unique to Asians

But when you layer in cultures, it needs to be managed in a different way. Many of the Asian Cultures encourage keeping their heads down, repressing their feelings and to make sure not to make anyone feel uncomfortable. Asians do not want to be a burden on anyone.

Asian Employees will confide in Jolene

Asian Inclusivity Services

Jolene Jang, Asian Inclusivity Consultant, can help you create workplace culture where Asian employees feel like they belong.  Your company will attract and retain more Asian clients and employees. See what you are working with first, then we will customize your Asian Inclusion Programming with assessments. Jolene will supercharge your Asian American and Native Hawaiian / Pacific Islander Heritage Month celebration with a thought-provoking, engaging program sharing crucial knowledge and teaching vital intercultural skills.

Customization is preferred, but specific presentations can be off the shelf. 

The best place to start is with this presentation, Aren’t Asians All Alike – the Misunderstood Americans. It’s a light, interactive and uplifting presentation to talk about Asian American representation and why it matters. This off-the shelf presentation is an easy first step to start the conversation about Asian Inclusion. People have limited knowledge about Asian Americans, so this is an easy way to begin the conversation.

See what you are working with first, then we will customize your Asian Inclusion Programming.

  • Employees surveys – Perceptions of Asians; Communication Apprehension
  • Interviews with Asian employees
  • Focus group with Asians
  • Focus group with Managers
  • Executive Briefings

After doing assessments, interviews, and focus groups, we will produce an action plan with a variety of modules, exercises, and training. Listed are types of components, we use.

  • Asian Inclusion Assessments
  • Half-day training programs
  • Focused workshops (weekly) customized workshops based on inputs from your organization
    • What is toxic positivity, gaslighting and microaggressions?
    • Model minority myth…why is this a problem?
    • Explore the possibilities of marketing to the underserved Asian American market
  • Focus Groups with Asian employees
  • Focus Group with managers
  • Fireside chats
  • Ask an Asian Sessions
  • AAPI Month Resources
  • Online educational content
  • Executive Briefings

With on-going, consistent training and education, your team can create a workplace culture where Asian employees feel like they belong.  Employees can be equipped with knowledge and skills so Asian inclusion will be integrated into your daily practices.  Your company can attract and retain more Asian clients and employees and tap into the fastest growing ethnic market in the US.

You can consult with Jolene for specific projects.

Jolene Jang will create comprehensive customized programs that will intrigue, illuminate, and deepen your understanding of Asian American perspectives.   She educates and illustrates on the topic of Asian American cultures in an engaging, non-threatening way.

"Jolene addressed our therapists with challenging topics and helped our therapists understand the complexities of issues related to history, racism and bias. Her approach inspired our staff to openly discuss the issues and motivated them to want to learn more. Her engaging style and passion contributed to making that training a vital and memorable experience."

Kevin P. Henry, Diversity & Inclusion Program Coordinator, Sound Health