The label aspires to unify a wide range of communities with common cause and shared experiences. But many feel it flattens and erases entire cultures.

This is a thorough explanation on how grouping the 23 million Asians ad 50 ethnic groups into box is a problem. I think many of us think of Asians… (well, I will speak for myself) think of Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese because that’s who I know in tech in Seattle.

Recently, I have heard so many voices, I have never heard before and how the model minority with is highly damaging in every direction. What are your thoughts? “As white writers pushed the idea of the “model minority myth” — a racist trope that suggests that all Asian Americans are well off and pits them against other groups — Suong feared for his friends’ deportations and violence at the hands of cops. And as he advocated for more resources in Southeast Asian neighborhoods, he didn’t always feel heard by other Asian Americans, either. “Trying to enter spaces with predominantly wealthy, light-skinned East Asians, there was a dismissal of us,” he said.”


The inadequacy of the term “Asian American”

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