I expected a dense city of diversity. Trees and open spaces were not my expectations. After we arrived to Dulles airport, we took a $77 cab ride to go 35 minutes to a rental car place. The lady “Lisa” who just served upset customers, responded to my map question, “I don’t know how to read maps.”

“You are telling me, you don’t know where you rental store is on this map?” I asked.

“No, I don’t know how to read maps,” Lisa said as if it were not part of her job to know her location. Shocking. Just felt like sharing. In this case, she was from another country.

Anyhow….we drove in the suburbs and the views were lush, trees and grass everywhere. The school we drove past had a little sign for Chinese classes. Sure enough, in the hundreds of cars in the parking lot, the rear view ornaments hung, which is a sure sign of Asians unless it is fuzzy dice hanging. Chinese in Maryland. I didn’t see it coming.

The redeye flight we took from Seattle to Dulles wasn’t bad at all, but we were still a bit tired, but we headed into DC to catch a bit of tourism. The ride out was a two lane road than turns into way during the weekday rush hour. The view was similar to I-90 going out past Snoqualmie. The trees flanked the road with the canal and bike path below.

When we arrived at the mall, it felt like Chicago’s Lincoln Park, NYC’s Central Park, Seattle’s Greenlake. It was open space, grass everywhere and felt recreational instead of touristy or political. Einstein’s shoulder, where I sat was pretty steep. Lincoln’s gazed as he sat and watched as we jumped in front of him. The day was full of “memorializing”.

Nap time, we had a heck of a time trying to balance on a hammock. After trying, we took a break with a smoothie and enjoyed observing the almost invisible chipmunks moving as fast as humming birds.

Closing our day was an American dinner at Clyde’s with a Native American influence and southernish food. This restaurant reminded me of Alaska.

My food was layered in a mason jar, so I had to order it to see it. It is called the Carolina Mason Jar. Check out some of these menu items. Click on the menu to read it up close. It was a lovely first day.

The other Washington – what do you expect?

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