• Asian man stabbed over 12 times


    Li, who barely survived the attack, was left lying in his own pool of blood. The 48-year-old was stabbed 13 times in the back, head, arms and chest — with one striking his heart — according to police. The assailant only stopped stabbing Li upon the intervention of another man, who appeared to be chased next.

  • Asian man was pushed to the ground and kicked in the head

    ~ NYC
    ~ Male
    ~ Asian
    ~ Street
    ~ 61 year old


    The Hate Crime Task Force of the New York Police Department stated that on April 23, a 61-year-old Asian male was pushed to the ground and kicked several times in New York City. The police said the victim, who did not want to be named, was kicked in the head several times and is now in critical condition. The man’s wife called him Yao Panma and told the New York Post that he was collecting canned food to help his family make ends meet.

  • Anti-Asian Racist Non-Stop Slurs Hurled at NYPD Cop

    ~  NYC

    ~ Streets

    ~ Vietnamese

    ~ Officer Philip Huynh

    A career criminal who was caught on viral video hurling racial epithets at an Asian cop in Washington Square Park earlier this month was arrested by the feds. “I’m on the sidewalk, what you gonna do?” Laster can be heard screaming at Huynh on the video. “What’s your name? You’re not even from this country. You piece of s–t. You f–king ch–k!”

  • 16 year old Samoan girl shot and died and 45 year old aunt shot and is alive

    Samoan daughter shot and died

    ~ San Francisco

    ~ Outside house

    ~ Samoan

    ~16 year old girl, 45 year old aunt

    Rikishi, Samoan wrestling great, makes public emotional plea for help in his niece’s murder. Fatu, who is part of a famous family of American Samoan wrestlers, was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015

    According to CBS San Francisco, Tofaeono was skateboarding before the shooting. A neighbor of hers saw her after she was shot, stating, “I walked outside and saw the little girl and I’m like ‘My gosh, someone shot the little girl.’”

    The other female victim next to Tofaeono was identified as the teen’s 45-year-old aunt, who reportedly suffered non-life threatening injuries and is expected to live.

    No hate, no grudge”: Tofaeono’s father, James Tofaeono, called for the end of gun violence in a press conference on Aug. 5.

  • Neighbor drove at Asian family with baby

    ~ Greater Seattle, Kenmore

    ~ Neighborhood, outside home

    ~ Korean

    ~ Millenial couple and baby

    ~ Anonymous

    In Kenmore, suburb of Seattle, white male neighbor drives over the centerline and at Asian parents and their baby in the stroller. Can you imagine a truck driving at your baby at close range? After he drove at them, he gave them a solid glare. What would you do? No one else saw this. No words were exchanged. It is not illegal. He is your neighbor 2 houses down You are new to the area and you don’t the know the neighbors. What would you?

  • Asian women jogger bitten and dragged for a block

    ~ San Francisco

    ~ Outside

    ~ Asian Woman

    ~ Millenial

    “I’m not safe in Pacific Heights I don’t know where I can be safe at to be honest.”

    Asian woman went jogging in her neighborhood and a man jumped out of car with 3 other young people in the car. He grabbed her car and her. Her arms were shut in the window and dragged her for a block . She showed ABC7 News via Zoom bruises and abrasions on her face, arms and legs. Her attack comes during a time of increased reporting of assaults on Asian Americans across the country and in the Bay Area.

  • Asian woman’s cat was shot with small caliber

    cat was shot

    ~ North Seattle

    ~ on front porch

    ~ Vietnamese

    ~ Woman

    Asian women in North Seattle saw from the Ring app, that her pet cat was shot in the jaw with a small caliber gun.

  • Gun pointed at Asian woman’s head, good Samaritan twice and said he would do it again

    ~ Oakland

    ~ Outside shop

    ~ Chinese

    ~ Women and men

    ~ Boomers, Millenial

    Li said he was waiting for his mom who was shopping, when he noticed two men follow two couples out of a boba tea shop near 8th and Franklin Streets Saturday afternoon.

    “Then soon afterwards I hear some yelling and screaming, and I turn around, and it looks like there’s a robbery attempt right now, so I thought in my head ‘try to de-escalate the situation, start approaching, making my presence known,’” said Li.

    He said one of the suspects pointed a gun at the woman’s head. Another male victim tackled the gunman, and Li tried to help push the suspect to the ground. That’s when he was shot twice – once in the shoulder and thigh. The men got away with the purses and have not been arrested.

    Li said, he would do it again.


  • Throwing a bottle at owner, many robberies

    ~ Oakland

    ~ Outside store

    ~ Chinese

    ~ Man

    ~ Boomer

    ~ Wayne

    “Robberies every week, car break-ins every day. A lot of things changing here,” he said.

    Merchants in Oakland’s Chinatown have dealt with a number of robberies, attacks and vandalism in recent months. Now, according to Oakland police, a woman has been arrested for a hate crime. A number of people who spoke with ABC7 say they were targeted by her racially-motivated assaults.

    One business owner at 9th and Broadway who wants to be identified only at “Wayne” shared video of a brazen attack from earlier in August. A woman is seen on surveillance video throwing a bottle at him. Wayne grabs a folding chair to shield himself while two customers nearby say the woman tried to grab their glasses. A woman who requested we not use her name says she was spat on, hit and called an “Asian bitch.” Wayne says the woman demanded he and others “go back to China”.

  • “F*cking Asians, go back to China” and he punches Asian woman

    yelled at punched asian couple

    ~ NYC

    ~ 63 and 60

    ~ Woman and man

    The suspect who allegedly attacked an Asian woman and dumped Chinese food on her husband in Midtown was captured on video. The male assailant approached the couple — a 63-year-old woman and 60-year-old man. He allegedly snarled, “Go back to China!” before pushing and punching the woman in her chest.

  • “You’re going to die for bringing the kung flu here” before he punched Asian Man

    “You’re going to die for bringing the kung flu here” before he punched Asian Man

    ~ Ohio

    ~ Man

    ~ Millenial

    Darrin Johnson, 24, was accused of punching a male victim in the 200 block of Calhoun Street on Tuesday. It is unclear what led to the assault, but court records say Johnson wanted to harm the victim because of his race.

    • Before punching the unidentified victim, Johnson allegedly said, “You’re going to die for bringing the kung flu here.” The victim reportedly suffered visible injuries.
    • Aashja Raval, co-president of UC’s United Asian Advocates, told WXIX that such attacks are more common than people think. The group is demanding for a racial bias reporting tool students can use.
    • “There have been multiple instances,” Raval told WXIX. “There was another student who had been assaulted on the same street. There was also an incident that happened with all of us in a Zoom call. People joined the Zoom call and yelled racial slurs at us.”
  • Asian man assaulted and good Samaritan millenial cowboy stepped in

    ~ San Francisco

    ~ Man

    ~ Boomer

    People watched while the good Samaritan took the attacker down. Mark Darren Stallcup ran from his Chinatown apartment after he saw the man beating up a senior citizen in the middle of the street. The man fled, but later returned. Before I could even pull out my phone, the guy came back around a second time. This time in a full sprint with the craziest look in his eye,” he said. “I remember screaming at him during the fight. While I was bear-hugging him, I was yelling at him. I was telling him that the old man he was attacking was actually his brother and that ‘love was the answer.’”

  • Asian woman punched in the head, told to go back to her country

    Asian woman punched

    ~ NYC

    ~ Streets

    ~ Woman

    “Get the f–k out of here,” the attacker said as he slugged the 52-year-old victim. “Go back to your country.”

    An Asian woman walking on a Manhattan street was punched in the head by a stranger who told her to go back to her country, police said Monday.

  • “We have to get rid of all the ninjas” – 81 year old Asian attacked

    81 year old Asian Man Attacked

    ~ NYC

    ~ Man

    ~ 81 year old

    Elderly Asian man punched in head in random attack in Midtown. The 55-year-old alleged attacker, who was identified as Barry Morris, knocked the elderly man to the ground while shouting, “We have to get rid of all the ninjas!,” police said.

  • A Philippine professor was fatally stabbed by expelled student

    ~ Las Vegas
    ~ In victim’s home
    ~ Filipino-American
    ~ Man
    ~ Middle aged
    ~ Known victim


    Ethan Goin, 16, was charged with felony criminal mischief after he stabbed 48-year-old Ginto to death at his home in Block 10000 in Canton Place, Summerlin, on August 27.

  • Sacramento restaurant worker attacked over missing egg roll order


    ~ Sacramento
    ~ Restaurant
    ~ Chinese-American
    ~ Woman
    ~ 30 year old
    ~ Diana Dich
    ~ Hit and dragged into street


    Diana Dich, 30, is a Chinese-American restaurant worker who was attacked Sunday after trying to help one of her regular customers resolve an issue with an order. The man had complained that the restaurant didn’t include an eggroll order, Dich said.

  • Asian woman sexually assaulted on the subway

    ~ NYC

    ~ Subway train and platform

    ~ Asian

    ~ Woman

    ~ 23 year old

    ~ Anonymous victim

    Asian woman and the assailant were in the subway car alone when she felt something hit her on the arm. He took out his penis an hit her on the arm. She chases him out on the platform and yelled. She got pictures and then he smashed her phone.  The people on the platform did nothing to help as she fought back.


  • Asian women punched and fell on subway tracks

    Perpatrator who threw woman on the tracs

    ~ NYC

    ~ Subway

    ~ Woman

    ~ 30 year old


    Pierre was taken into custody shortly after. The victim suffered minor injuries. On 9/1, he randomly sucker punched a 30 year old woman at the Franklin Avenue-Botanic Subway station. Pierre is charged with assault and reckless endangerment.

  • Johns Hopkins Issues Statement Regarding Racially Abusive, Anti-Asian Attack On Student

    ~ Baltimore
    ~ Campus
    ~ Asian
    ~ Woman

    Officials at Johns Hopkins University on Saturday released a statement after a woman attacked another woman and used racially abusive, anti-Asian language Thursday. The incident occurred about 6 p.m. when the victim and a companion were walking near the Parkway Theater on the Homewood campus where the victim is a student. The victim suffered a minor injury when she was pushed to the ground.

  • Culprit hits def Asian woman on the head and she falls on the subway tracks

    ~ NYC

    ~ Subway

    ~ Def woman

    ~ Chinese

    ~ 59 year old

    ~ Xing Zhou

    4 days before this, he attacked another Asian in the NY subway and was let go. This is not an isolated incident. He punched another subway rider and tried to cut off her air supply by putting the victim in a headlock,” Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Kayla Sullivan said in court on Monday. “There is also another similar assault for which he failed to appear. The first on December 2020, again failing to appear on February 2021, then again March 2021. He returned when he was rearrested.