“Jolene is a friendly, dynamic, and engaging presenter who knows how to put people at ease, even when discussing challenging topics. She creates a warm, welcoming space where each person is encouraged to share and to listen to new perspectives. I always leave her workshops feeling energized and ready to take action!”
Veronica Beck, Technical Writer – Seattle

Where do you start?

Talking about Asians Americans and is a rarity. There is no foundation in most organizations about Asian american culture. The best place to start is with my introduction presentation, Aren’t Asians All Alike – the Misunderstood Americans. It’s a light, interactive and uplifting presentation to talk about Asian American representation and why it matters. This off-the shelf presentation is an easy first step to start the conversation about Asian Inclusion.

After this, we will get feedback on the knowledge and experience level of your team. Then I suggest doing Asian Inclusion Assessments to take the temperature and find the best starting point. After that, then I will suggest an action plan that meets your goals. Learning about Asian american cultures is not a check box situation. By the way, its not laborious either, I am constantly learning and its very interesting. All things your employees will learn will spark new ideas and connections, while strengthening your teams.

How do you know what my company needs?

What is your process?

I first want to learn what your goals are and what you are interested in, what resonates with you.

Once I understand your goals, then we begin to source and uncover problems and solutions.

The Asian employees at your company know what they experience and they know what they need. And they will talk to me. The category of “Asian” is deep and wide, but what they face is similar to the other AANHPIs. My role is to listen, facilitate, validate and summarize what your Asian employees  are concerns, needs and requests. Then I , anonymize, articulate in a non-threatening manner for Non-Asians to able to hear.

The challenges I see inside of companies is that the Asian concerns and needs are not shared effectively and/or are not heard or dealt with effectively. When we have the same goals, my new perspective and a liaison to facilitate, educate, then we can make better progress together with an Asian Inclusion Action Plan.

My expertise is in maximizing meetings.

Can you engage my employees?

Yes, I can. As a presenter/professional speaker it is my responsibility to keep you engaged. If you fall asleep or do not remember the points of my program, then the blame is on me. One of the reasons, no one falls asleep is because I have a short attention span too. The presentation has to be interactive to get attention and to be remembered. My experience as a corporate entertainer and working primarily with engineers has given me special powers to connect with techies.

What is your professional background?

How much time do you have? The common thread of my products and services is they were all new. No one has heard of any my new services. I like to create.

I am no longer a spring chicken and I have accumulated a few titles: Fun Specialist, Meeting Maximizer, Conference Reporter, Curiosity Catalyst, Team Builder, Moderator, Speaker, Event Planner, Organizer, Content Creator, Youtuber, Corporate Entertainer, and Culture Explorer.

Recently I have tied in my team building, meeting maximizing, interviewing, innovation and culture exploring to serve as the Asian Inclusivity Consultant. The need for companies to be inclusive is imperative as the demographics change. Employees can be inclusive to be kind, but also because it will bring in more business.

Realizing that I am left-brained and appreciate my checklists, timers and systems, I want to invite in creativity, but I you have to make space for it. Thus when I speak on using the power of curiosity to innovate, I create new experiences and exercises for the usually tech employees.

Are you right or left-brained?

I consider myself left-brained. Doesn’t everyone love standard operating procedures, schedules, timers, bench-marks, documentation, and of course being measured? From 6th grade at Kenmore Elementary, we were taught in school how to use day planner, calendar, and to do lists. Yes, I love to be on schedule, on budget and to over deliver.  Efficiency and effectiveness is exciting.

However, my curiosity is powerful and I must find out what is behind the next door and the next one and the next one. Over the years, I have realized that when you can let your curiosity lose and explore, that you can innovate much more because you have more in-takes to work with. I have continually coming up with new ways to do old tasks that is more fun and more efficient and cost effective.

I routinely step into the unknown nothing crazy just stepping outside of my normal path and dabbling in the differences discovering new environments, personalities and experiences. I am nudging those boundaries and occasionally pushing and kicking them down.

When you can dabble in the differences and explore, then you can come up with new ideas. This is a common practice for me.

Are you adaptable?

VERY! To survive as an entrepreneur it is a must  I like to have a destination plan, so we can get there efficiently and specify alternative routes, vehicles and other transportation choices, however, when there is time to deviate I see the value in wandering and exploring.

Let me know us Covid as an example. I am an extreme extrovert, I used to see a friend daily and attended in person  3-7 professional and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion networking weekly. During covid, I stayed home full time and barely zoomed and rarely talked to people. After volunteering full time to get PPE to medical professionals, then I began building things. I was content to fully utilize my right brain to re-build my video studio to be zoom-ready. It began as a tripod forest and a tripping hazard with all of the lighting can cameras, until I got creative and mounted equipment from the ceiling and used salad dressing jars too.

I also went outside an built up a storm in my backyard which only step into once a year. I built 4 shed structures and built my first roof. Through all of this, I interacted with my mom and dad and I was content to roll solo.

When I get too comfortable, I mix it up, like going to Burning Man and taking a 44 Day trip to Cambodia with no plan. Yes, I do pictures and videos of all the adventures.