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Tammy Duckworth – Thai American, Senator, Illinois


Mazie Hirono – Japanese American, Senator, Hawaii


Grace Meng – Taiwanese American, Representative, Queens, NY


Amanda N. Nguyen



Mary Yu, WA Supreme Court Justice


Jo Koy


Dr Candeslin – pop culture


Lilly Singh, comedian


Mike Nguyen, comedian @Nicepantspro

Fumi Abe, comedian, @fumiabe


Vivian Tu,  former Wall Street trader and personal financial expert


Dr. Owen Shieh, meteorologist, Concert pianist


Lea Salonga


Visesia Fakatoufifita

From <>


Phillipa Soo

Asian American Voices to meet

How many Asians can you name? Surveys say that many Americans can not name one or certainly not 5 or more.

From talking to many non-Asians, I believe the surveys are correct. Most Americans absolutely not name 10 AANHPIs. We want to help you and introduce to Asians, so next time there is a survey, you got this.


We, Asian Allies, will be introducing you to Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders so you can have the joy and opportunity to broaden your data set. Oh, that sounds geeky. It’s more fun to have a wider bucket of resources.


By the way, there are so many Asian American comedians, might you need to laugh more?