How do you feel about Ethnic Festivals centering White People?

Mayoral candidate says the city’s homeless will live like ‘the Japanese’

Black & Asian Perspectives - Juneteenth

Juneteenth - Black father shows his kids black bodies hung on trees

Black & Asian Perspectives - Buffalo Shooting

Black & Asian Perspectives

Join us as we process thoughts, feelings and raw emotions in the face of the social and cultural upheaval and turbulence in today’s society. Sometimes, it ain’t easy being Black and Asian in today’s world. 

We talk weekly and want to share raw talk about what is on our minds. We are very involved are respective Black and Asian communities and anti-racist groups. Black and Asian Perspectives “The Jolene and Kevin Download.”

Kevin belongs to a handful of communities and social justice groups, including the Seattle NAACP.

Jolene belongs to social justice and neighborhood groups, as well as Asian American groups and NAAAP.