I say DC, but in this case, I am referring to Potomac, Rockville and cities in Maryland, close to DC. How many countries are represented in the this little strip mall complex of 10 places? The answer is 10. What kind of food to you want? Lebanese, Vietnamese, Spanish, Mexican, Indian, Thai, Italian, Ethiopian, Greek or American. In one ride of 15 minutes I saw two smorgasbord of restaurants clumped together. By the way, I meant to say Middle Eastern, not Peruvian.

At Costco, our favorite store, we saw a different selection, more pickled goods and kosher food and cheeses.


In Potomac, yes in the burbs, the respective churches all lined up like the food restaurants. Yes, is the answer. Buddhist Temple, Farci something, Catholic, Christian, Korean, Jewish Synagogue, Jehovah Witnesses….

I am not used to diversity like this. It is exciting.

Washington D.C. Diverse? Hmmm…

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