Who do you think? What is the profile? These three characters are a motley crew I danced with last night.

A combination of wolverine meets Pippi Longstockings’ Scottish brother from Hawaii

The best dancer of the night was with this fella. Picture a guy with plenty of facial hair (chops, beard, moustache) and long brown wavy hair in a pony tail. Now, his beard and chops melded into each other and had a tiger-esque striping through them. He wore a gray t-shirt. Do you know the red Scottish kilts? I don’t which clan it represented, but he donned red plaid knickers on his lower half. His right leg sported a black and white striped soccer sock and his left leg had a short thin ankle sock. Around his neck hung a Hawaiian pukashell necklace with a shark tooth. I must say, I was hoping with each vigorous turn, I wouldn’t get stabbed in the eye. What fabulous dancer he was!

Young man with a bowl cut walking with a cane

He looked really young and used a cane to walk. Who would even think he would partner dance and support someone else, when he needs a cane to support himself?  Wow, what a surprise! As his partner, I wouldn’t have known he used a cane at all…..impressive!  He danced quite well, but I am left curious how that works? When we were dancing, we didn’t talk. Certainly, for me, that is too much multi-tasking. Our bond is we all dance, I might catch a name, but dancing is the objective.

Santa’s brother between tennis sets

Yes, you guessed it,  he had big bushy beard topped a crown of white hair  held down by a white terrycloth sweat headband. His profile was similar to Mr. Kringle, too. Jolly is how I would describe him.  His moves were small, not flamboyant, but he had a wide variety of moves which made him a fun partner.

If you wanted to look for commonalties, many of the good dancers are rail thin with skinny jeans and a flannel shirt -what you and I may not pictute as the most popular kids in town.

So, what is the criteria for a great dancer?

For me, it’s partner with surprise  dips, turns, low aerials, out of the ordinary moves and diverse combinations and an occasional sign of joy on his/her face. However, in order for them to execute this, they need to have a nice strong lead and I must know I can trust them to catch me and protect me from other dancers. .  Tonight, I did my first quadruple turn. Whew! Toward the end of the night, one partner threw me around his waist, a Travola move in the movie, “Grease.” The next guy, must have been inspired because he threw me around, too.  What was fun is I didn’t even know it was coming.

Dancing can be dangerous, particularly with the fast songs. My computer typing phalanges and limbs are very important to me. Basically, for those of you who do not dance, the “follow” must be like a rag doll. This video is the Lindy with aerials. You can see how easily strains, sprains & breaks could occur with ill-matched partners. With a good match, it is heavenly!

How nice it is to be able to mix with people outside my usual circles. The other aspect I enjoy is the shift of status.  The attractive people have no status; status goes to the ones who can dance. However, unfortunately, arrogance goes along with it and exclusion and little elite circles. In high school, I adopted the policy of asking the guys to dance. When you give yourself this permission, you expand your partner options.

Dancing is the most enjoyable sport EVER! I have my dance calendar here.

Who do you see on the dance floor?

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