The kicker that sparked the change

Yes, I love what I do. The line of work I am in is highly creative and keeps me up at night because I love it. My meter is overflowing with motivation which leads to bed time at 3am on most days. My work schedule was 8:30am-3:00am with limited eating breaks. Weekends and weekdays were all the same to me with 14-18 hour work days. I believe it is awesome to love your work so much that it doesn’t feel like work. However, when I need to pack more work into this schedule, then it becomes unreasonable.

So what happened?

My client unknowingly took advantage of my work ethic. I crammed to meet a deadline to help bail out my client.  All the while, my neck was in dire pain for 4 days in conjunction with the stress and frustration of being a slave in modern day times.  This arrangement was not favorable and I never want to be used like this with little compensation. By the way, it’s not a matter of malice it is just lack of knowledge and listening on their end.

Shake it off

It’s time to shake off this frustration with my other past times I love, like dancing and singing. The next days were massages, soccer, workouts, singing , dancing and chocolate. My cousin says he doesn’t work on the weekend. Really? This idea never crossed my mind.   Starting on Thursday through Sunday night, I stayed off my computer and went singing and dancing every night, plus I exercised a couple of times a day. If you are stressed out and frustrated figure out what you love and do it (consider the consequences first)?

What makes you happy?

Music, both singing and dancing. I could rationalize if I needed to that singing and dancing helps my practice my positive, confident stage presence.  My schedule now includes karaoke and dancing and loads of exercise. While I scoured the web for places to hit, I discovered most bars on highway 99 do not have a website. You are kidding?  Who knows, maybe I will offer website packages to all these bars? Even though, I am not looking for work, I will see opportunities. What makes you happy? Think about it and do it. I am lovin’ it.

For the next couple of weeks

I will focus on exercise, dancing and singing. Everything else will take a back seat.  In a couple of weeks, I will re-evaluate. If you don’t know me, know that I plan everything. Cleaning, organizing, sorting is relaxing productivity for me. My elaborate goal setting process while brilliant is not always executed. For many years, I have written down health and wellness to be number one, but it has never actually made it ever. The time is now. What do you want to modify in your life?

Daily Diagramming

The other day I portioned out my day in reverse order meaning, not putting work first.  By the way, my daily plans are by 30 minute increments packed with massive to dos and projects. I took the 24 hours and put the items in priority order, putting sleep first. This new approach was contrary to my normal life. I am excited to see and feel the results of this new schedule.

24 hours

  • 8            sleep
  • 2            exercise
  • 1.5         eat
  • 2            play
  • 1.5         TV/read
  • 1            Free time
  • 8            work

I believe in being motivated in whatever you are doing. If you are not, then don’t do it unless it’s something you are avoiding.  Is it time to check in with yourself? Are you happy as you could be?  Make a change.

Workaholic to Musicaholic

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