Be Asian Inclusive. It's good business

If your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts do not include Asian Americans, your company may be missing out on developing culturally competent employees and accessing new markets.

Did you know that Asian Americans are the fastest growing ethnic population in the United States with the fastest growing buying power? They also earn the highest incomes of all Americans.

Jolene helps companies learn about Asian cultures and the many rewards for being inclusive.

Help your organization be inclusive

Jolene opens the door to experiencing a more authentic understanding of Asian American culture by sharing the concerns by Asian Americans. This greater understanding of their concerns and others can spark more compassion and motivate individuals to be more inclusive in their attitudes and actions. After listening to your Asian Employees and communicating the challenges and solutions, Jolene will produce an Asian Inclusion Strategy with you.

Hire Jolene, you can simply start here

Begin by introducing your employees to Asian American Cultures with this introduction presentation.

Aren’t Asians All Like? The Misunderstood Americans

What are your perceptions of Asians?  Are they accurate? Discover how perceptions of Asians are shaped by stereotypes, labels and depictions in pop culture. We unpack the Asian category and illuminate the vast spectrum of Asians that are lumped together. We conclude with learning about the contributions to our culture by Asian Americans, like Bing Cherries and the N95 Respirator.